Different Types Of Wood Finishes

Finishes help to keep hold of the natural beauty of the particle while providing a defense to wood. There are several types of finishes available, these are clear stains, solid stains, paint, natural finishes, and varnishes. Let’s check out each type.

Clear Stain

This type is “clear”, so once you apply it will still let you see the wood grain. Paintbrush or a rag is an option to apply this type of stain and once you have stained the wood you will need to put a clear-coat finish. It is best to allow the stain to dry overnight before applying the clear coat. The clear coat will seal and protect your wood from the chances of water damage.


There are two basic types of paint – latex, and oil. Latex paints are water-based and will clean up with water; oil paints are oil-based and will clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Oil base paint is stronger than latex and it is best used on furniture and trim it can hold up to more wear and tear. Latex paint is best used outside of your home on your surfaces. You must use a latex or oil primer before using latex or oil paint.

Solid Stain

It is an opaque finish that hides the grain but allows the wood texture to be visible. It is self-adhering and formulated for scraping from foot traffic and one of its key benefits is that it tends to resist peeling on new surfaces.

Natural Finish

There is what we call natural finish, this means no stain or paints to apply to finish your wood. All you need is a clear-coat sealer to obtain the natural finish look and take note that clear-coating your wood will not change the color; it will maintain it.


It is a very strong finish for any project. Varnish withstands weather and is opposed to chemicals. It is a stain and at the same time a sealer so there is no need to use a clear-coat protective finish. You can simply apply varnish using a brush or rag.

Once you apply to wooden furniture it forms a film. One of its jobs is to protect the wood from water, solvents, and heat. Every wood finish that belongs to the varnish category is solvent-resin mixed.