Which Flooring is Best for Your Home, Hardwood or Laminate?

One of the things that will capture your guests is your flooring. As they say, first impressions last. However, since there are lots of different types of flooring, let us just focus on two – Hardwood and Laminate. Let us check the differences between these two types of flooring to help you determine which one is best for your home.


Hardwood – It is definitely attractive and timeless.  Solid hardwood flooring is 100% wood. It can also be in different stains, finishes, and be coated with wax for an extra shine.

Laminate – Is a multi-layered synthetic flooring. It is designed to imitate the appearance of real wood since on top there is a thin fiberboard with an image of wood or stone, then topped with a transparent wear layer.


Hardwood – This type of flooring will definitely last a lifetime as long as it is well maintained. It is a real deal. Whenever damaged, they can always be refinished.

Laminate – Its maximum usage is about 10 years. It is more durable to moisture, wear and tear and can even resist scratches since it is made from pressed wood.  It is also easy to clean but once damaged the whole plank need to be uprooted and replaced to restore.


Hardwood – It is easy to clean with a regular routine of light vacuuming and mopping. If ever damaged by scratches, it can be refinished to restore the real beauty. But take note that hardwood floors can’t be mopped with just water because of the higher sensitivity to moisture, instead cleaned with specified products.

Laminate – It is water resistant making it easy to clean by with mop with water. Laminate floors won’t easily fade or change their color from excessive sunlight.

Resistance to Moisture

Hardwood – Generally speaking, the harder the wood, the more water resistant it is. Maintain your hardwood flooring a regular finishing and waxing, this will always protect your floor from damage. But take note that since hardwood flooring is organic, it is susceptible to have molded if exposed to regular moisture.

Laminate – Due to being multi-layered it can resist moisture. This characteristic makes it a good option for the kitchen or bathroom flooring. It is synthetics so you do not have to worry about molds.

Resale Value

Hardwood – Due to its durability, it will give your home a higher appraisal value when it comes to reselling.

Laminate – This type of flooring can have a maximum lifespan of 25 years. However, it won’t add much value to your home if you want to resell.

Now that we have already discussed some key points for hardwood and laminate flooring, you can now determine which material is best for your home.

Flooring Maintenance 101

Daily activity and routine inside your house can bring a lot of dirt which unfortunately you can’t hide on your hardwood floors.  Cleaning won’t seem so hard and you can maintain them by putting TLC on your flooring.  If you want to achieve long-lasting beauty and strength on your flooring, simply take notes of these Flooring 101 tips.

Maintenance Essentials

First just have a daily schedule of giving your floors a good dusting or sweeping using your microfiber mop or cloth.  It is the most advisable daily protection from scratches and damaging the surface since microfiber cleaning pads have static electricity to lock in the dirt and other domestic allergens.

Then make sure to use soft bristle attachment when you vacuum your floors to clear off any build up of dirt. DO NOT use hard bristle.

UV rays or direct sunlight affects your floors. So make sure to block it by having a protective covering so your interiors stay shaded at all times.


Refuse using wet-mop, damp-mop, or cleaning your hardwood with water floor or other liquids. DO NOT use a wet mop as water can dull the finish and even damage the floors.

Avoid use water or harsh cleaning agents as these will damage your floors. Refrain from using harsh cleaning materials like steel wool pads or scouring powders. DO NOT use any 2-in-1 cleaners especially those with acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss

Avoid walking in stiletto heels on the floor and or spiked or damaged hills shoes. Also, refrain from sliding heavy furniture across the floors as they can cause unwanted scratches.