Why People Prefer Taozen Floors Services

What makes people choose and recommend a service over and over again? Is it quality? Great service? Taozen Floors Services have both and no doubt people speak highly of us. It gives a good, lasting impression to its consumers. Here are some of the top reasons why Taozen is loved by many.

Product Quality

One user from Nassau, NY is extremely happy she chose Taozen before. The reason why she chose Taozen again. Floors get damaged especially during winter where there are ice dams. But Taozen was able to withstand extreme weather conditions and test of time. It has done a great job refinishing existing hardwood floors and a perfectly matched new hardwood to old hardwood. She comments, “We are so happy that we did.  First of all, Tao is very personable and knowledgeable.  We had issues regarding our subflooring due to an addition which was added to the house 20 years ago.  He was able to pinpoint exactly where the problem would be and recommended different solutions.  Once hired, his workers were punctual, respectful and hard working.  We even received a credit for the hardwood not used.  We would definitely recommend Tao Flooring.”

Reasonable Price

A very satisfied consumer from Waltham, MA said Tao exceeded their expectations. The price was competitive but reasonable considering the quality of the product and the output of the Tao team. “I’ve refinished a couple floors in the past, so I was thinking about saving some money and doing the work myself. Tao walked me through what I’d spend on equipment rentals and materials, and was able to convince me that it just wasn’t worth it to me. I’m so glad he did. His work is literally flawless. Best money I’ve spent in a long time. “

Another happy camper from Arlington, MA said Tao responded to her emails and gave rough estimates, quoted her great rates. “The best part was when Tao called me and told me that he had miscalculated the total sq feet and that he had under quoted. Yeah, the best part. He apologized, accepted that it was their oversight and offered to do the balance at a discount and throw in an additional transition piece for free. All in all, I think I still got a good deal.”


This customer from Cambridge, MA is extremely pleased with Tao’s staffs’ professionalism and quality service. They were detail oriented, very timely, always available on the phone, constantly offering ways to save money and a very professional and personable team that aims to exceed expectations. He added “They committed to starting work in two days and completed the job within 3; one day sooner than they had planned for. He also offered to pick up the material that I had ordered saving me a few hundred dollars in delivery expenses. I gave him keys to my condo and came back 4 days later to see it all done and perfectly clean.”

Competition may be tough and always be there but the formula to Taozen’s success? Putting all the core values into practice – integrity, responsiveness, honesty, adding being on-time, on-budget, responsible and hardworking team. No doubt, these make Tao produce a bunch of very satisfied customers.