A Guide to Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring may not be that a popular choice compared to other kinds of hardwood flooring. But it does have benefits that may not have been known by many. It has an exotic, natural appeal with many other beautiful qualities that can lead to creating different kinds of environments. There are vulnerabilities, too, just like any other types of flooring. And just like any other types of flooring, understanding its benefits and drawbacks is crucial to ensuring that this certain flooring works well with your lifestyle.

Bamboo is kinda peculiar because it is considered a kind of wood flooring but it is actually not a wood. In a nutshell, it is a kind of natural surface covering material made from bamboo, which is a type of grass.

If you are in search of the right flooring for your interiors, then read this Bamboo Flooring guide. Maybe, you can add this to your options.


Bamboos are known to be strong enough to bend. Some types of bamboos are extremely durable. Bamboos that are natural, not carbonized, were harvested properly and manufactured can be as strong and hard as red oak. Some strand-woven bamboos can even be much harder. And compared to traditional hardwood flooring, bamboo is a little bit more resistant to water damage.

But then, bamboo is still an organic and natural material. Too much wetness can cause deformation, discoloration or even moldiness. If installed in the humid area, the planks will tend to plump up, but if glued in to dry areas, it can shrink. Both can cause bamboos to crack.


Bamboo flooring is quite low maintenance which is very advantageous for busy homeowners. It’s very easy to clean using sweep, vacuum or mop.

However, even if it is somewhat easy to maintain, it is quite hard to keep it look perfect and free from scratches. When used regularly, a lot of things can damage its surface – pet claws, pointed heels, metallic objects and furniture legs. Even tiny particles of dirt can cause scrapes as time goes by.


Bamboo flooring can raise the bar when it comes to the elegance of a space. It looks almost the same as hardwood, but you can see its difference. Bamboos can make rooms look unique and visually appealing.

On the other hand, bamboo tends to be less versatile. It may look chic in contemporary homes but could be less appealing if you choose this flooring for a vintage interior. It also has limited tones and shades so you may have limited styling options.


Bamboo flooring is less expensive. Some of these costs as low as $2-$5 up to $8 per square foot. Be careful of the inexpensive ones as these are usually of low quality.

Can Be Refinished

While we know that bamboo floors can be worn out, discolored and scratched over time, the surface of the material can be refinished.

But it would still depend on the thickness of the planks. So, you need to consider the thickness of each piece you want to install in your room.

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A Comparison of Laminate and Cork Flooring

Homeowners have choices on what type of flooring they want in their homes. Two of the many choices are cork and laminate.  These have both great characteristics that will make a good choice for your homes.

They have several features in common but both have unique differences that you will want to consider.

Let us compare to help you decide which one is the right flooring for your home. 
Cork flooring comes from bark harvested from cork oak trees. It is a “green” alternative, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Laminate flooring is a multi-layered synthetic flooring. It is a cheaper alternative to hardwood floors
Cork is sold in planks and tiles. Laminate comes in planks, but it is available in tiles as well.
Cork is soft and flexible. Although it can suffer from scratch or dent, due to its resilience, the dents most of the time disappear. Laminate is hard and can easily show scratches and dents
You can install cork in a few different ways depending on the style. You can snap it together and lay it on a pad. Laminate is always installed on a floating floor. It requires an underlayment of foam padding.
Depending on the thickness of the cork, you can sand past the sealant to reseal the small imperfections. You cannot sand or refinish laminate. Once suffered from dent, you can only replace laminate not repaired.
Cork usually comes with a 25-year warranty. Laminate has a lifespan of 30 years or more

Know that both cork and laminate are easy to install. You can install it on concrete, tile, vinyl or any existing hard floor surfaces.

There you have it! Those are most of the differences between the cork and laminate flooring. May this be the guide for you to be able to choose the right flooring for your home.

Different Types Of Wood Finishes

Finishes help to keep hold of the natural beauty of the particle while providing a defense to wood. There are several types of finishes available, these are clear stains, solid stains, paint, natural finishes, and varnishes. Let’s check out each type.

Clear Stain

This type is “clear”, so once you apply it will still let you see the wood grain. Paintbrush or a rag is an option to apply this type of stain and once you have stained the wood you will need to put a clear-coat finish. It is best to allow the stain to dry overnight before applying the clear coat. The clear coat will seal and protect your wood from the chances of water damage.


There are two basic types of paint – latex, and oil. Latex paints are water-based and will clean up with water; oil paints are oil-based and will clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits.

Oil base paint is stronger than latex and it is best used on furniture and trim it can hold up to more wear and tear. Latex paint is best used outside of your home on your surfaces. You must use a latex or oil primer before using latex or oil paint.

Solid Stain

It is an opaque finish that hides the grain but allows the wood texture to be visible. It is self-adhering and formulated for scraping from foot traffic and one of its key benefits is that it tends to resist peeling on new surfaces.

Natural Finish

There is what we call natural finish, this means no stain or paints to apply to finish your wood. All you need is a clear-coat sealer to obtain the natural finish look and take note that clear-coating your wood will not change the color; it will maintain it.


It is a very strong finish for any project. Varnish withstands weather and is opposed to chemicals. It is a stain and at the same time a sealer so there is no need to use a clear-coat protective finish. You can simply apply varnish using a brush or rag.

Once you apply to wooden furniture it forms a film. One of its jobs is to protect the wood from water, solvents, and heat. Every wood finish that belongs to the varnish category is solvent-resin mixed.

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Reasonable Price

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Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood flooring is a classic thing in your home that adds up to the beauty of your interiors. It gives a natural and elegant look that also added value to your home.

What are the benefits of installing hardwood flooring? Let us discuss.

It is Eco-Friendly

Hardwood flooring is perfect because of its eco-friendly nature. It not only helps you decrease the impact to the environment but also to the health of your family at home. If you or one of your families has problems with allergens it is great option to have hardwood floors.  Hardwood flooring does not hold dirt and dust as much as other flooring options.

Has Unique Appeal

Hardwood flooring has a unique quality that each kind adds its own beauty to your interiors and your home. You have tons of options to choose from, dark to light, mahogany to walnut, different species and types that may suit your style. And those unique quality and appearance give additional warmth to your home.

A Character of Durability

Hardwood floors are known for durability, versatility, longevity, and beauty. They can last up to many years especially if they are well cared and love.  It can able to stand up to active workspaces and heavy foot traffic since it is tough, hard-wearing and have a long-term durability.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to general maintenance hardwood floors are much easier to clean and maintain.  Always dust mopping daily and vacuum weekly is the basic you need to do to maintain it beautifully.  If there are spills simply mop it or use a damp cloth to wipe the wet area. It is a relatively hassle-free maintenance of hardwood flooring.

Gives Value and Long-Term Investment

Though the amount and installation cost for hardwood flooring tend to be higher than carpet, functional values make your investment smarter.  This hardwood flooring increases the value of your property. It has taken into the account when determining how much your home is worth.

If you want to have those listed benefits on your home, you should think about installing hardwood floors in your home.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring is a kind of floor covering made of pressed wood. In the USA, it is known as floating wood tile. It has multiple layers and is a combination of synthetic and laminate materials.  The surface can look like wood or sometimes stone. Some people confuse laminate flooring with vinyl flooring. But, they are totally unlike. Both have completely different raw materials.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose laminate flooring:


Today ’s laminate flooring builders have raised the bar. They now produce dozens of types of wood species in better quality. There are a wide array of choices. It ranges from all-American designs like oak, hickory and heartwood pine to exotic ones like Tigerwood and Prado. There are also rustic and antique versions for those who prefer a classic, ancient look.  They also make more choices of a portfolio of stone, tile and metal look-alikes. The photographic process makes all of these possible. This method creates the design layer of laminate flooring and makes a high-resolution image of the actual wood that looks real.


Laminated floors are easy to DIY. It is lightweight and comes in Snap-on and Glue-on options. The snap-together kind is easier to install. On the other hand, the Glue-on type is more durable. Both can be placed on top of a thin foam cushion underlayment.


Most household owners choose laminate flooring because of its proven and tested staying power. According to Floor Focus, some retailers they have interviewed say that the endurance of laminate seems to be the selling point.  “It is resistant to scratches, dents, and staining. In other words, it’s able to stand up to abuse from both kids and pets.”


Most laminate flooring today can mimic different looks. The printing technology can now reproduce various designs. It ranges from natural stone to ceramic patterns. Embossed register in texturing allows it to mirror the surface texture of natural materials. Added bonus: you can also install it over almost any flooring in the home.

There are also drawbacks to using this type flooring. It can actually not be refinished. Over time, the surface layer degrades. Also, the replacement is per piece on damaged ones. It also has a hollow sound which gives a less genuine feel. It can also be hard and stiff. But the over-all pros surpass the cons. In general, the laminate flooring is worth a try. Convenience, versatility and appearance top the reasons why you should consider this flooring in your new home.

Essential Care for Bamboo Floors

We all know that alternative from hardwood flooring is a BAMBOO flooring. It is a kind of flooring made from the bamboo plant that generally all manufacture products originate in China and other portions of Asia.

Used as an alternate for flooring because of its physical similarities to true hardwoods. It caters strength, durability, its eco-friendliness and its natural resistance to insects and moisture.

Here are facts and essential easy cares for your bamboo flooring:

  • Did you know that Bamboo floors are less vulnerable to water damage than most hardwood floors?
  • The commonly use species use for flooring is the Moso bamboo.
  • It can grow up to 119 cm in 24 hours and 24 m high in 40 to 50 days.
  • While hardwood floors take 60 years to mature, bamboo stalks only take 5 – 7 years to reach full potential.
  • Unlike traditional hardwoods can take 20–120 years to mature.
  • They say that Pandas won’t go hungry because of the vast usage of bamboo floors.
  • As the species used for bamboo flooring is Moso, the type that pandas do not eat.
Essential Care
  • It must be treated carefully, like most hardwood floors.
  • When mopping, it is best to use a dust mop to remove the dust and grime.
  • First, make sure to vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to remove dirt and sand from it.
  • Never use water or cleaning agents to clean your floors as they can damage it.
  • Always make sure to trim your pet’s nails to avoid any scratches on the floors when they move around the house.
  • DO NOT place electronics directly on the floor as the heat that generates from these devices can damage your floors over time.
  • Avoid walking in stiletto heels on the floor and sliding heavy furniture across the floors as they can cause unwanted scratches.
  • Sheild your floors from sunlight by pulling the drapes or blinds or using UV ray protectors on your windows.